Our Coffee


Starting with small sample roasts and cuppings, we’re introduced to each roast and begin to fine tune the best way to highlight and celebrate what makes them uniquely delicious.  We believe that through dedication to carefully sourcing the world’s best coffee and hand roasting each batch we elevate the process to an art form. 

We are proudly located in Wilmington, Delaware in the Brandywine Valley, just blocks from the Brandywine School of illustration.  Founded by Howard Pyle, the Brandywine School depicted the natural beauty of the Brandywine River in Wilmington and surrounding areas.  Like these artists, we are inspired by and bonded with the local landscape, and aim to artfully represent it with our coffee.

Our goal is to cup hundreds of coffees, drink as much as possible, get to know them, and tweak and re-tweak until we present our customer with the best of the best.