Art of Roasting

At Brandywine Coffee Roasters we’re open-minded when it comes to roasting coffee.  We know that each one is unique, and treating it as such will help to highlight its best traits.  We roast to a lighter profile, preserving the natural flavor.  Over roasting can mask what gives a coffee it personality.  The aspects of its personality and flavor profile are based on it’s origin, the soil it’s grown in, and its terroir, the character it has acquired from its habitat.

We love coffee that is sweet, complex, and juicy, an exciting and flavorful yet well-balanced cup.  Each coffee we bring in lends itself to certain characteristics.  The goal is to highlight what makes each one unique and wonderful and avoid the bitter, astringent side.  Our master roaster slash coffee dude has ten years experience roasting and does exclusively small batches roasted to order in a Loring Falcon 15 kilo roaster with Flavor Lock, featuring an oxygen free roasting environment.  

We roast seasonally, by harvest to ensure the freshest product, and always offer a seasonal varietal.